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Top 10 Best NFL Fastest Players

Top 10 Best NFL Fastest Players

Listvia presents Top 10 best nfl players. Nfl is a big and widespread exciting sport events in United States. Consisting 32 numbers of team nfl now number 1 among the American people. Art of sports gives a extra strength in mind automatic. The jump, super tackle, passing ball, fast run and need perfection of being strong. Nfl players all have the depth of stamina and skills.

Here in this list we are presenting you to the top 10 best fastest nfl players now in America and also over the world. All the players in our list are capable to beat each other. We scrutinize the players over all hit performances and collects information from different source like –,,, espn etc.

However, if all those players are compare to a motorbike then there is no first gear, second gear, third gear. Only sixth gear dude ! Super stamina and madness energy they all have. Competition always higher in nfl players throughout all positions players. We figure players who are the fastest based on present performances.

Note to follow : Top 10 best nfl fastest players list are categorized based on different yard dash time. After analyzing according to sources  we put the shortest time frame and reaching time to become the first place.

Lets get down to the point and starts from the bottom of top 10 best nfl fastest players :

10. Xavier Rhodes.

Team – Minnesota Vikings.
Height – 6′. 1 inch.
40 yard dash time: 4.41 sec. ( 2013 )

2013 was the note worth season for Xavier Rhodes. He is now playing for Minnesota Vikings. Vikings negotiate him as a develop player when he run across the yard. Specially he press the corner is like he has a hand on opponents all the time.
Very inconsistent on runs to the empty side, does not react quickly enough and loses contain are consider to be a serious career problem for Rhodes.

Xavier Rhodes - nfl fastest players

9. Tavon Austin.

Team – Los Angeles Rams.
Height – 5′. 9 inches.
40 yard dash time: 4.25 ( 2013 )

Tavon Austin is undeniably talented nfl player and he has the potentiality that can change the game in a split-second.
Excellency at the start turned him into a dependable player. But he still hasn’t graduated from being a gadget player as a level.

Tavon Austin - nfl fastest players

8. Stefon Diggs.

Team – Minnesota Vikings.
Height – 6′. 0 inch.
40 yard dash time: 4.46 sec.

Stefon Diggs is the first player in nfl history who took 11 catches in three consecutive games. Which turn him into a wonderful committed player in regular season. In this high competitive platform to become a fastest nfl player its truly challenging specially in recent time. Diggs as a young star he is doing the things in right way to be a strong position holder in the list of fastest nfl players.

Take a moment : List might get confusing if the last 9 and 10 number serial are not specified. We figure out top 8 to 1 on the basis of recent and over all compete matching. The last and least players have also the record margin of touching the top. But based on today’s perspectives they are struggling compared to the toppers.

Stefon Diggs - nfl fastest players

7. Tyreek Hill.

Team – Kansas City Chiefs
Height – 5′. 10 inches.
60 yard dash time: 6.32 sec.

Tyreek is a versatile and young talented player. This versatile advantages is a threat to score in every time when he touches the ball. Only age of 23 he has been an emerging player in nfl league. Media judges him as one of the fantasy nfl player with high potentiality on field.
Hill accelerate very fast and smooth for which supporters named him the ” cheetah ” .

6. Amari Cooper.

Team – Oakland Raiders.
Height – 6′. 1 inch.
40 yard dash time: 4.42 sec.

Emerging wide out player Amari Cooper only in 22 years of age. He already made lot of eye catching personality about his career growth. Individually he is secret type of person who loves to do things in private. Well its a special characteristic of behavior as a human being.
Physically Amari is a perfect and dangerous player including stamina and strength. Cooper also named unanimous.

Amari Cooper - nfl fastest players

5. DeSean Jackson.

Team – Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Height – 5′. 10 inches.
40 yard dash time: 4.35 sec.

Desean jackson is a famous name among nfl supporters with his huge career mark. He played for several nfl clubs and all the team saw the best part of his performances. Because of high competition in recent leagues and tournaments, it is hard to remain in fastest nfl players top benchmark. But on the con tray Jackson strongly holding the benchmark list till now from 2008.
He was up the best performer in his own career in 2012 with the higher number of attempts and rushes.

DeSean Jackson

4. Will Fuller.

Team – Houston Texans.
Height – 6′. 0 inch.
40 yard dash time: 4.32 sec.

2014 Notre Dame Offensive Player of the Year Will Fuller. Oh my ! category of award is insane. Apologize and consider as a joke please.
Will Fuller is such a talented and strong players currently playing in Houston Texans. He is also comparatively is a strength player in modern nfl. From 2013 to now he has been a consistent power service.

Will Fuller - nfl fastest players

3. Dri Archer.

Team – Buffalo Bills.
Height – 5′. 8 inches.
40 yard dash time: 4.26 sec.

From 2015 season Dri Archer made 40 rushing yards compared to positions which is so impressive on the basis of a individual nfl player. He play as running back of Buffalo Bills. Archer is a devastating type player with unique speed combination.
In recent time Archer give a brief in front of media about his ability and commitment for his current team : “It’s going to be a big role, but I’m just going to do whatever I’m asked to do. Play receiver, play running back, helping special teams. Whatever they want me to do, I’m going to do it.”

Dri Archer

2. Chris Johnson.

Team – Arizona Cardinals.
Height5′. 11 inches.
40 yard dash time: 4.24 sec.

Chris Johnson is also a wonderful player with his style and art of play. He is compare-able to sustain in number one fastest nfl player. Arizona Cardinals ferocious player cross 40 yard dash time ever fast ,this is so quick right? From 2004 nfl season Chris has made lot of impacts on his own performances.
He is the only player in NFL history with 6 touchdown runs of over 80 yards! No other player has more than three.

Chris Johnson

1. Kevin White.

Team – Chicago Bears.
Height – 6′. 3 inches.
10 yard dash time: 1.66 sec.

This number one player is now struggling with his luck over injury problems. Otherwise considerably he is the fastest nfl player from last couple of season. White tackle very sharply and speed up so quick to pass over defense. All spotlight on this young man from 2015 when he was called as number 7. But exact right now he is consider to be the fastest nfl player.

Kevin White

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