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Top 5 Most Strongest Metal On Earth Till Now

Top 5 Most Strongest Metal On Earth Till Now

When our ancestors started using metals to make weapons they started a new chapter in human history. Step by step we have come to the present stage of civilization. Their capability of withstanding pressure, their strength, mendability make them the most useful elements of nature. They are used everywhere in every possible way starting from huge buildings to tiny microchips. But what are the strongest metals on earth?

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5 . The Densest One : Osmium

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Osmium is a transition metal that belongs to the platinum family and is considered as one of the densest elements on earth. It is two times more dense than lead. Its density is 22.59 g/cm3. Usually it’s color is bluish gray. It has an extremely high melting point. This makes it a difficult metal for processing. Osmium is highly lustrous and gives off a soft sheen even at night.

4 . The Most Useful Strong Metal : Titanium

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Titanium comes with the strength of about 434 MPa. It is perfect for industrial uses for it’s low density and high melting point. It’s stronger than standard steel in it’s pure form.

3 . The Hardest Metal : Chromium

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The hardness of a mineral is generally determined by the Mohs scale and is defined as the scratch resistance of a mineral. The hardest metal on earth is chromium. It is significantly used in stainless steel. Chromium was used during Qin Dynasty in China. They used it to make their armours stronger.

2 . The Strongest Alloy : Steel

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Even though researchers are trying to create a stronger combinations of elements. Until now the strongest alloy is steel. The vanadium steel alloys in particular comes with ultimate strengths of up to 5205 MPa. Though steel is usually an alloy of iron and carbon, other elements can also be used too. Steel is highly versatile and that’s why it can be formed differently for competing with any condition. The usage of steel became famous during the Renaissance (1300-1700).

1 . The Strongest Natural Metal : Tungsten

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Tungsten has the highest tensile strength, with an ultimate strength of 1510 megapascals among the pure metals. It has the highest melting point of any unalloyed metal and the second highest melting point in the whole periodic table next to carbon. Tungsten is commonly used in electrical and military applications. Also, tungsten filaments are used in light bulbs. It’s high density and brittleness makes it very difficult to work with.


From the tip of a pen to the structure of the tallest building on earth there is metal everywhere. They are one of the main elements of the progression of mankind. It’s a gift of nature without which mankind couldn’t have reached where it is.

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