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Top 10 Best Marvel Characters

Top 10 Best Marvel Characters

Marvel has created some awesome and inspiring characters throughout its history of publication. Captain America, Daredavil, Spider-man, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men, The Punisher, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Iron Fist, Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy and so many other characters have inspired people for decades. There are a lot of characters that deserve to be at the front row when you think about the Marvel universe and today we have come with The Top 10 Best Marvel Characters. [ best marvel characters ]
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10 . Blade

 best marvel characters
First Appearance: The Tomb of Dracula #10 (July, 1973)

Eric Brooks aka Blade was born in a whorehouse in the Soho neighborhood of London, England in 1929. Eric has vampiric abilities, including a greatly prolonged lifespan and the ability to sense supernatural creatures. When he was nine years old, he came across Jamal Afari, a vampire hunter. Afari trained him in combat skills and he became an Olympic-level athlete. He has an expertise in edged weapons such as knives and daggers for which he got the nickname ‘Blade’. He has been a frequent ally with doctor strange and has a lasting friendship with a vampire called Hannibal King. He and his team Nightstalkers were once hired to kill the second Ghost Rider aka John Blaze whom they teamed up with later.

9 .  Nick Fury

 best marvel characters

First Appearance: Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #1 (May, 1963)

Nicholas Joseph Fury is the eldest of three children born to Jack Fury. Nick learns marksmanship while competing in Police Athletic League as an amateur boxer. He has fought in numerous wars and has worked in the United States Army, C.I.A., Secret Warriors, Howling Commandos and many others. While he was in the C.I.A. he recommended the recruitment of married agents Richard and Mary Parker who later gave birth to Peter Parker aka Spider-man. He is the second commander of the S.H.I.E.L.D. but he answers to a board of 12 members whom even he doesn’t know. He made S.H.I.E.L.D. one of the most powerful organizations in the world. He was the one who brought together a team of superheroes and thus influenced the founding of The Avengers and other superhero groups. He soon became the superhero community’s main contact when any information is needed to deal any crisis. Fury is forced to disband S.H.I.E.L.D. when it gets corrupted by Deltites and later he rebuilds it again and makes sure that it is more streamlined and small enough for him to personally oversee and prevent corruption.

8 . Deadpool

 best marvel characters
First Appearance: The New Mutants #98 (February, 1991)

Wade Winston Wilson, better known as Deadpool is a mentally unstable mercenary with superhuman ability of an accelerated healing factor. The character is known as ‘Merc with a Mouth’ for his talkative nature and tendency to break the fourth wall, which is used by the writers for humorous effect. He is unable to remember his personal history due to a mental condition. He was a part of the Weapon X program after being kicked out of the United States Army Special Forces and given an artificial healing factor originated from Wolverine.

7 . Professor X

 best marvel characters
First Appearance: The X-Men #1 (September, 1963)

Professor X, equally known as Charles Francis Xavier was born as a mutant with genius level intellect, vast telepathic abilities as mind reading, mind control, memory manipulation, astral projection and psychic attack capabilities. Though some people will disagree the 6th place for him and I agree with them at a point. He is the founder and the leader of the X-Men. He is one of the most powerful mutants of the world. He’s a scientific genius and his best creation is Cerebro. Cerebro is a device that extends his telepathic powers and enables him to track or trace any individual who possesses a mutant gene and also extend their gifts with his abilities. Xavier deeply resents the violent methods of those like his former friend and occasional enemy, Magneto. He wants the mutants to co-exist with the normal human beings and have equal rights. Therefore he has been compared to Martin Luther King Jr.

6 . Thor

 best marvel characters
First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #83 (August, 1962)

Thor was created based on the Norse mythological god with the same name. He is an Asgardian god of thunder. He possesses the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, which grants him the ability to fight and manipulate weather. Thor’s father decides that he needs to be taught humility and places him (without memories of godhood) into the body and memories of Donald Blake, who is a partially disabled medical student. After becoming a doctor, while he was on a vacation in Norway, he witnesses an alien scouting party and discovers his hammer Mjolnir. He is one of the founders of the Avengers.

5 . The Hulk

 best marvel characters

First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #1 (May, 1962)

Scientist Bruce Banner absorbs a massive amount of gamma radiation in process of trying to save a teenager during the experimental detonation of a gamma bomb. The radiation caused a mutation in his body which gave him the ability to transform into a giant green man, the Hulk. He was cured in The Incredible Hulk #4 but he chose to restore the Hulk’s powers. He was one of the founding members of Marvel’s superhero team, The Avengers. He also helped to form the Defenders, which is another superhero team of Marvel. Green isn’t the only color that The Hulk transformed in. Throughout the storyline The Hulk has transformed into various colors and a notable on is Grey.

4 . Iron Man

 best marvel characters
First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #39 (March, 1963)

Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark aka Iron Man is a wealthy American business magnate, playboy, an ingenious engineer. He suffered a chest injury when he was kidnapped and forced to build a weapon of mass destruction. Instead, he made a suit of armor to save himself and escape captivity. Later when he returns to his home he redesigns it and equips it with many technological devices designed by his company, Stark Industries and weapons. Throughout the storyline the suit has met newer updates and changes. His father is one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D. and he is a member of The Avengers.

3 . Captain America

 best marvel characters

First Appearance: Captain America Comics #1 (March, 1941)

Captain America is the first Avanger and one of the most important characters of Marvel’s history. He was a patriotic supersoldier who often fought the Axis powers of World War II. The Captain America comics became very famous during wartime. His costume is inspired by the American flag. His vibranium shield can keep up against any kinds of blast.

2 . The Wolverine

 best marvel character

First Appearance: Cameo: The Incredible Hulk #180 (October, 1974); Full: The Incredible Hulk (November, 1974)

Wolverine is one of my personal favorites and he is the coolest of all the superheroes created by Marvel comics. He was born as a mutant with a healing factor, superhuman strength, senses and reflex. He and his brother Victor took part in some notable wars and after the wars were over he became a test subject of weapon-x and his bones were transformed into metal as a result of the experiment. He is a member of the x-men and one of the vital members of the team.

1 . Spider-man

 best marvel character
First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (August, 1962)

Spider man is undoubtedly the most famous Marvel superhero as it is the most gossiped character till now in whole over the world . At first he was just Peter Parker, an ordinary teenager but when he got bitten by a radioactive spider, a mutation starts in his body. Besides his physical abilities he is also intellectually gifted. He has faced villains like The Green Goblin, Venom, Doc. Octopus. In December 2014, following the Death of Wolverine comic book, he became the new headmaster of the Jean Grey School.

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